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ToT Team Recyclers by SuperHurricane ToT Team Recyclers :iconsuperhurricane:SuperHurricane 0 0 A Night at Neves, Recycler Style! by SuperHurricane A Night at Neves, Recycler Style! :iconsuperhurricane:SuperHurricane 1 0 Shad the Hanged Man-Floracat OC by SuperHurricane Shad the Hanged Man-Floracat OC :iconsuperhurricane:SuperHurricane 0 0 The Sunblank Foundation by SuperHurricane The Sunblank Foundation :iconsuperhurricane:SuperHurricane 2 0 The Bloodmoon Society by SuperHurricane The Bloodmoon Society :iconsuperhurricane:SuperHurricane 1 0 The Head Ride Honchos by SuperHurricane The Head Ride Honchos :iconsuperhurricane:SuperHurricane 1 0 Sandy Paws is YOUR town! by SuperHurricane Sandy Paws is YOUR town! :iconsuperhurricane:SuperHurricane 4 0 Toxic, Burning Highway pt 2 by SuperHurricane Toxic, Burning Highway pt 2 :iconsuperhurricane:SuperHurricane 0 0 Toxic, Burning Highway pt 1 by SuperHurricane Toxic, Burning Highway pt 1 :iconsuperhurricane:SuperHurricane 0 0 Team Recyclers (Rival Gates Version) by SuperHurricane Team Recyclers (Rival Gates Version) :iconsuperhurricane:SuperHurricane 2 2 Pokemon GO And Catch 'Em Redhanded! by SuperHurricane
Mature content
Pokemon GO And Catch 'Em Redhanded! :iconsuperhurricane:SuperHurricane 1 0
Ch 4 Without restraint....
Ch4 Without Restraint, There Is Chaos
_Shady Smog POV_
Okay, when I thought this sorta thing was a cake walk, I never would have guessed how many armament missile carriers were on the ground surrounding what I assume was a lake filled with bubbling, red water. Or the two-story lopsided gray building stationed nearby with no visible windows or doors. Did I mention that we were under fire? No? Yep, it was fireworks central all over the place as I attempted to switch off the autopilot flying closer and closer to our destination.
-Ack, watch your six! Or seven, whatever! Incoming from starboard! They're swarming in tighter droves!- That bug was starting to frustrate me, even as I swerved the craft up and around the projectiles, releasing heated scrap metal in-between turns to get the lock-ons re-adjusted. Flares were also launched to confuse the heat signature of my Raptor, but they kept following me through miles of barren landscape even at near-ground level at 45
:iconsuperhurricane:SuperHurricane 0 0
FOE Fogwhistle Ch 3
Ch 3 I Don't Trust You...
"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but
because of those who look on and do nothing.”
That was basically the first words to come out of my mind in what seemed like forever, a sudden realization of mental processes outside my own that started me from my seemingly eternal slumber. Sorta like being put on ice, but golden apples keep the body of species such as myself warm and hydrated for a very, very long time.
Oh yeah, forgot to mention my eternal prison was a golden apple. No matter, it's not like anyone care-Ah shoot, what am I doing just talking about surviving? I was clearly inside the mind of some idiot who ate the apple. Which incidentally was kinda the point since the apple couldn't be opened from the inside, hence it looked so tasty and fresh that anyone that looked at it would desire to chomp it all down in one gulp, thus freeing the occupant.
A bit dangerous considering sometimes the 'host'
:iconsuperhurricane:SuperHurricane 0 0
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ToT Team Recyclers
"To fight poison, one must use poison. We will cleanse the toxins that have corrupted this world from within."- Shad the Gulpin
"Yes, unlimited adventure, near-infinite places to go and lots of bad guys to punch! I am so hyped!!!!"- Kyra the Trubbish
Ch 5 Break-thru Despair

-File found.....Security Clearance Locked....Security Level Gamma Override....Denied....Password Accepted for Override, Operator Level Confirmed.....Classified File Opening: Starlight Shimmer, Level 7 MAS Operative. Said to have a genius IQ of over 170, though her background is shady at best, though the most early stage places her as a mayor of a nameless town during the Littlehorn Massacre. In fact, what happened in that town was completely subsided by the sheer carnage in Littlehorn, but was no less gruesome due to the fact over 30 Ponies, Pegasi/Unicorns/Earth Ponies alike were all found dead due to a single Zebra Shaman, who poisoned the water supply with a time delay toxin. It comes to mind it was a test run of a lethal biological agent, given the town was too far away from any local hospitals, without radio transmission and not on any known maps. Oddly enough, Shimmer was out on business guarding a trade caravan and came across her fallen companions, turning the zebra fanatic into a pile of dust and ashes, just as the bombs he planted blew up upon his death as a precaution. Her home destroyed, her followers dead, she turned herself in to the Ministry of Arcane Science to be judged for killing the zebra, only to be rewarded by Twilight herself. Given the explosion vaporized all her citizens, it is unknown why none of them could utilize their talents to check for poison or even attempt to subdue the zebra shaman. Either way, she became a devout scientist learning under Twilight, the two working in unison on specialized spells and top secret projects, though her identity was masked on memory orbs as Ms. Sparkle wanted most of the credit for the accomplishments they did together.  Annoyed with Twilight's need to one-up her, Glimmer made friends with one Trixie Lulamoon, aka  Test Alicorn #1, and they 'talked shop' when Twilight wasn't around. It is said she was able to stabilize the I.M.P. formula with help from 'Dark Haze', (Mm******) but she had doubts about the Taint and wished to continue work on Twilight's 'other' projects, travelling to Zebrica in secret during the last days of the War. However, it is said her ship crash-landed in Congait and no further intel was learnt, though it is assumed she loosened safety protocols in Maripony regarding lockdown procedures on the I.M.P. vats, which her friend was then contaminated by. Her records show she had hooves dipped into various projects and blueprints, using the O.I.A. to bypass clearance to add in new ideas to improve, though it is uncertain how much control she had over the network, or how much bits were removed from the treasury during her absence. End report-

 -Anansi POV-

Wait, wait, what!!!!! This mare knows HIM? I mean, the file partly covers up the name, but I can tell off hand it's his codename. Which means...if I get her to talk, I'll find out where the others are and de-stonify them. Though it seems during my check-over, she got the drop on my host. Magnetuis spell, I believe? Attracts metal objects at high speeds against each other, aka the pipe against his metal gas mask.

With a brief sigh, I noticed her crossing over me with her slim legs attempting to exit out the only door, and reared my tail stinger back into Shady's central cortex to initiate temporary manual control, the eyes flitting back open and heart-beat going to a steady pace. -OH, NO YOU DON'T!- I yelled, though I wasn't exactly angry with her. I was more ticked that I didn't remember her off-hand as Twilight often said she was going out to meet a friend in private back then (and the fact she was able to find a blind spot inside my host's 270 degree vision).

Given I was a bit harsh on her keeping up with the war effort awhile keeping distance from the other's personal ministries, I let her do as she pleased so long as it wasn't a Element of Harmony (had a private PI check it over, though I never saw Glimmer's face, and forgot about it afterwards with a cider binge).

And that's when everything became whiter than a arctic snowdrift, in which I thought I had gone blind for a few seconds before the lenses in the mask corrected it. No, not snow or a whiteout of paint on my eyes...just fog. Fog so thick that you couldn't see your hoof in front of your eye until it was inches away, it was that heavy, and the entire floor, being sealed up with the broken elevator, was now a endless white void that apparently only I could navigate through.

   "Oomph! What the-" The sound of a pony snout rebound brought delight to my ears, if I had any, as I could see Starlight rubbing her face after crashing into a wall. "What is this? I thought you Pegasi lost your power over the weather."

     "I am not like most." I said darkly, as she seemed to hone in to my voice and zapped a magic bullet at my last location, grazing the floor as I casually moved from it. Of course, I wasn't sure how I was doing this either, but this called for close-quarters given any magic blast could cause the CO2 containers to burst open. 

     'Library open.....Collection of 1 Book: Mastery of Doombunny-fu.' I thought, scanning a copy of a 1st edition of Angel's mixed martial arts that I read long ago and committing each and every page to my memory. Well, mine alone in any case, it's a temporary thing I can do unlike hacking.

      Shame my host lacked a tail scythe, but I could make do as I rushed her, narrowly getting grazed by a magic bolt as I leapt to twist in mid-air, launching a flurry of roundhouse hoof-strikes towards her, only to glance off a purple force bubble. Flipping backwards (and nearly losing my lunch), I stood upwards on hind hooves, thrusting forward palms into the shield hard and fast into the center to cause it to shatter like glass. Her surprised reaction allowed me to move forward with a side-lunge kick to her stomach, though with a flash of the horn, teleported several feet away.

    " of those, huh?" She smirked.  I couldn't reply because suddenly she blitzed in front of me to deliver a flurry of her own slightly weaker punches, the Kevlar armor taking the blunt of it. Then teleported behind me to kick me in the back, then again to my side to send me flying a ways, in which I caught myself mid-flap to straighten out. "Try this out!" She said gleefully, as she launched a thick concentration of beams towards my position, in which I flapped upwards over them and flew towards her. Only to see there were now three of her, aiming horn towards me.

   The concussive blasts sent me flying a ways, but with a single flap, I righted myself in mid-air and landed, then charged her again with a frontal flurry of kicks to her neck and stomach. Of course, given the fog only extended within a few inches of her person, she was able to deflect the hits with a shimmering cloak of protective magic, which exploded suddenly to dispel my strikes. I didn't give her the chance to gloat though, lashing out with a spin backwards lunge to the skull, the force against her barrier crackling with heavy thunder.

  "Okay, this is just getting ridiculous. You're not going to break the barriers I can make with just regular kicks you know." She snickered, even as I continuously hammered away with Doombunny blows left and right.

  "Maybe, but you like all unicorns have a limited amount of mana you can expend on this. The question is, how long can you keep this up before your horn burns out?" I asked, narrowly moving from a wide burst of magic that easily pierced a 2 foot section of the wall behind me.

   "Long enough." Starlight growled, her horn glowing as I could suddenly feel myself getting heavier and heavier by the second, a red spell circle enclosing around me.

'Wing harden.' I thought, slashing forward with my left wing, cutting the barrel apart without thinking about the pain that would come later. At the same time, I jumped high into the air and landed a powerful kick to her neck as she hovered, though she slapped it away inches from the throat with a miniature barrier. 

landed three powerful near-simultaneous roundhouse kicks with one leg to the opponent's throat, chest and stomach, striking them with the entire length of his leg, powerful flying sidekick to break down walls, does a running jump and kicks with both legs into an opponent's stomach.A barrage of hard kicks launched at multiple directions at close range, A straight on kick to the opponent's lower jaw/chin, A straight on kick to the opponent's teeth, hits both the upper and lower sets of teeth at the same time, leans forward and delivers a hard side kick/straight-on kick to one of the opponent's cheeks, A jumping kick to the forehead, A powerful kick to the neck in which leans forwards and launches his foot up into his opponent's throat. This attack is altered to a dual kick to defeat two opponents, with an added spin for extra damage, jumps over the top of his opponent and aims one leg directly downwards towards the opponent, then drops downwards while spinning like a drill to spear his opponent with his extended leg. A disarming attack where runs forward, jumps into the air and kicks the opponent's hand to do damage and knock a weapon from their hand,  lands on his front hooves underneath an opponent's chin, then uses both back hooves to spring upwards to deliver a blow to the opponent's chin with both feet, leaps high into the air and starts flipping over rapidly to gain speed, then he brings the heel of his foot down on the opponent's head by standing on one hand sideways while facing his opponent before spinning around rapidly and delivering a kick to his opponent's side,

Sunburst, Technical Researcher Moon Dancer, Animal Control and Herbalist Tree Hugger, Weather Specialist and former Wonderbolt Wind Rider, and our personal archeologist/mystic expert Radiant Hope
Amp it up with a Megu Bomber!
Just making a screenshot for TFS's cell games thing. Unfortunately, I had to copy-paste, and editing without photoshop is tricky at best, so this is what I came up with. Simply put, it's Megumin against Cell, winner take all (since she can't move after firing the spell), and Aqua can revitalize her right after even if Cell kills her.
A Night at Neves, Recycler Style!
Eh, took a bit longer than I though on the translation, honestly thought the deadline was on the 10th so I did a quick rush job on the sports, but finished translating and putting up the paragraph. Has anyone else finished translating it? Because it's a tad confusing. Either way, Kyra's getting ice gloves. When it gets into a job, I'll put up more pages. And Shad's using his feather as a quill to take notes, and Kyra 'ate' her belt temporarily in between events just in case she got snagged on something.

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