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The Sunblank Foundation
(In case you were wondering, a blank sun is a star without sunspots, like the one we're about to have in a few years. Dress warmly, because it's unlikely summer will be available for quite a number of countries given lakes will turn into glaciers and the temperature will drop around the globe.) (This will be updated in a bit.)

Around the globe, there were tales of a Chosen Warrior who stood for the people and fought bravely against the forces of Darkness, aided by a small group of fellow companions. Righting wrongs and saving lives, they fought against the Spiritomb Emperor who wanted to turn all pokemon into 'Flesh Puppets' for his undead Ghost Army, defeating all of his commanders one after another. But when it was all said and done, with the rock 'body' shattered, the legendary heroes found themselves with loads of money that could be worth half the planet's GPD, but no real villains to fight. So they decided, 'Eh, time to settle down.' And so they did, but in the form of a Corporation devoted to uncovering the secrets of the past and reverse-engineering human technology to suit the betterment of all Pokémon. It wasn't until their finds uncovered a ancient ruin with a pool of what appeared to be gelatin, of which they had their leader test it out first due to his immunity to poisons, then tried it one by one. No one heard from them for months after, though it is said they tend to show up at random artifact finds where the archeologists have been found slain and the relics stolen. Although they were once pleasant and charming, they now act aloof, cold and rude to those whom they encounter, and usually refuse to help anyone who asks for assistance, as if they had their personalities inverted.

Oberon the Gallade (Knight), Substitute, Night Slash, Leaf Blade, Psycho Cut (Misty Terrain Glove with Mega Stone)

Templar the Toxicroak (Ninja)-Poison Touch ability Cut, Poison Jab, Double Team, Sucker Punch (Thief Artifact)

Satoshi the Lucario (leader) Bone Rush, Swords Dance, Me First, Aura Sphere (Focus Blast Glove with Mega Stone)

Morgania the Mismagius (black mage)- Mystical Fire, Thunder Wave, Dark Pulse, Perish Song (with Firium Z staff)

Agnes the Audino (white mage)- Heal Pulse, Last Resort, Rain Dance, Façade with Hyper Voice gauntlet with Mega Stone.
The Bloodmoon Society
It is said this group has been a ancient cult driven by power, greed and the need to become stronger. But given the lack of legendaries, they have fallen into a rut of absolute boredom. That is, until a lone stranger appeared before them in their private mansion and offered a special book with information concerning the possibility of alternate worlds with strong pokemon to battle against. The members, though shocked at the hologram map of the multiverse, grinned amongst themselves awhile snapping the messenger's neck from behind, taking the book for themselves. For them, money is no object given their vast inheritance, but obtaining the parts needed to punch a freaking hole in reality would take research, small armies and planning. For them, they believe that once the resources of the Pokémon world dry up, due to the human's overconsumption and damage to the environment, the device once assembled will give them a chance to conquer a new one. And with their skill to use one another to guard their weaknesses, they are willing to destroy anyone who gets in their way. 

Apex is essentially the Many that have come together for the sake of finding and conquering other worlds, other than the one that is constantly tearing itself apart with natural disasters. Each Pokemon plays a key role in the body, though the Klefki aka Master Locke, keeps the form steady. He is a neutral leader in any conflict, and prefers to send his minions to do his crafty, yet slow works of evil. But should he be confronted, it is said he can cast those who he defeats rather cruelly into alternate dimensions and lock them away forever. The others are random Pokemon who agreed to make up the body, in exchange for protection.
Klefki (head) Fairy Lock, Crafty Shield, Foul Play, Flash Cannon
Comfey (neck)Petal Blizzard, Grass Knot, Floral Healing, Trick Room
Pyukumuku (shoulders) Helping Hand, Taunt, Venom Drench, Rain Dance
Metang (chest, arms) Iron Defense, Bullet Punch, Psychic, Earthquake
Minior (torso) Calm Mind, Double Team, Power Gem. Rock Slide
Binacle (legs, weapons) Ancient Power. Razor Shell, Rock Tomb, Embargo

Raggedy the Banette is a former Puppetmaster who once dazzled the audience with all forms of trickery and delight, but as the crowd kept seeing the same thing, they left in droves leaving him penniless and homeless. Apex found him attempting to steal his wallet, as his large form was hidden in a Trenchcoat, and offered him a Mega Stone and a position on his cabinet to improve morale and advise on strategy. Sadistic and playful at the same time, he sewed on two ghost-types on his hands to serve as his underling ‘gloves’ as serve as his conscience. If they were both defeated, he’d simply discard them loosening a string on his sleeves, and trigger his Mega Stone, as the power increase would destroy them both. ( Phantom Force, Curse, Payback, Double Team)
Lyft the Shuppet (Snatch, Hex, Will o wisp, Disable) on one hand, the other Wright the Mimikkyu (X-Scissor, Thief, Pain Split, Shadow Claw)

Baitshop the Wishiwashi,who along with 10 others able to do Schooling, is one of Apex elite Generals given his kind invented fusion techniques for the sake of getting stronger. Simply put, his schooling ability allows him to grow massive in size, but with his Lieutenants, he could put even a Kyogre to shame in his massive form, as his HP would be super high. Combined with Rain Dance, Earthquake, and Aqua Ring, he has a even better advantage to take down electric-types, but also a huge weakness as his followers could be taken down individually making the Multi-School form fall apart.  Cocky, rude and arrogant, he picks on those he deems to be weak and will crush them without hesistation by syncing his forces to attack as he commands, and wields a Waterium Z on his pendant, which he only uses as a last resort.  (Ice Beam, Dive, Endeavor, Hydro Pump)
3 on Offense (Beat-Up, Aqua Tail, Brine, Earthquake)
3 on Defense Mist, Substitute, Rest, Sleep Talk
3 on Power-ups Helping Hand, Protect, Aqua Ring, Rain Dance

Aqua the Braixen is the token Huntswoman of the group, bagging only the best prey and mounting their heads as trophies. She takes the best jobs for assassination, devastation and manipulation, sometimes causing wars to occur. But for her, the greatest thrill is the ability to get her target, no matter who or what it is, as she always plans 10 steps ahead, and often works with other groups to make them take the fall. A natural sniper with a icy heart, she loves only herself and will punish anyone who dares to injure her petite yet super agile body. (Attract, Lucky Chant, Heat Wave, Grass Knot)

She often carries around Rattle the Shiinotic (Strength Sap, Confuse Ray, Spore, Sunny Day)  as umbrella/bazooka as well as her favorite boytoy, Buzzkill the Vikavolt (Discharge, Volt Switch, Energy Ball, Bug Buzz) as her sniper rifle/railgun, to use on the most harrowing of missions.

Sheldon the Shedinja is the representative of the Dragon Den Ninja Clan, who essentially taught the members of Bloodmoon the proper way to work together with their various parts. Cold, calculating and a bit bloodthirsty, he has razed villages to the ground to appease the wrath of the Dragon King who rules over all. Sheldon's scarf alone is a Substitute Artifact, just in case he is close to being beaten. He especially has no qualms about killing off his own men, and will do anything to accomplish a mission. (X-Scissor, Sandstorm, Shadow Sneak, Final Gambit) He weilds Tyrant, a boastful yet powerful strategist who can clear forests apart in one swing, and has the means to block any dangerous attack that could hurt his 'host', as they have been together for hundreds of years, with him being the teacher and associate of Sheldon. Heck, he can even fling the shield part to ricochet assault foes in narrow corridors, or use Gyro Ball to defend against aerial attacks. (King's Shield, Head Smash, Sacred Sword, Gyro Ball)

The group also has two factions under it, the Titan System and the Dragon Head Ninja Clan , who act as security as well as their assault forces to steal the parts.
The Head Ride Honchos
Outside the city, there is a worn-out shack minded by three seasoned professionals trying to catch some shut-eye. One would not expect these old timers to be the owners of a multi-corporation based solely on transportation throughout the region. After all, there are many dangerous areas that even the most experienced teams can't cross by themselves, like fields of lava, war-torn areas with human underground explosion relics, floating islands that move as you walk on them, endless whirlpools with sharpedos, etc. These three made a killing by assembling the best of the best and training them to become 'Ride-type Pokemon', who will depend on the teams to protect them as the ride pokemon carries them to a destination. Even now, they have small offices in several cities, but that shack is their favorite place to dwell due to the lack of customers. But should you ask the Honchos o obtain a temp permit for a trip via Ride Pokémon Express, they'd like to see your team go through a special trial that will put your talents and teamwork before them. Otherwise, those deemed too weak could put the Ride Pokémon at risk, and those who pass have the option of fighting one or all three of them to gain extra Ride Pokémon full permits.

Salty Stan the Dewdong- (Icium Z User)- The beach-goer of the sea, Stan tries his best to get the perfect bronze skin but usually fails, and has a short temper with those who screw up trips. He manages all trials with opposing element obstacles regarding water for those who wish to navigate treacherous waters and frozen continents. His tail was razed by a Sharpedo, but he's a stern, cold Dewdong who will not let that bother him.
Moves:Perish Song, Frost Breath, Aqua Jet, Aqua Tail

Aero Altas the Honchkrow- (Darkinium Z User) -Cunning and sharp as a whip, he keeps his Murkrow employees on edge each time he visits one of his many offices. He leaves nothing to chance and prefers a good scrap against worthy teams who want to use permits. Aero also is in charge of the elite Aerial Trials that allows teams to temporary 'borrow' Murkrow to fly and do assorted challenges that work opposite to their element type. 
 Moves: Dark Pulse, Snarl, Steel Wing, Brave Bird

Mudd Murrow the Gastrodon- (Groundium Z User)- Calm and gentle as the summer breeze, this bookworm works on the paperwork as the other two do the physical work, paying taxes and going over the laws of various countries the ride pokemon will go into. However, despite her shriveled form, she is the most creative when going opposite element land-based trials and will send teams into performing the most impossible tasks despite giving a riddle hint at the start to make it easy.
Moves: Trump Card, Muddy Water, Recover, Bulldoze
Sandy Paws is YOUR town!
Once a year, the horns blow in the night as pokemon from all walks of life in Neve Town and the nearby villages keep their doors unlocked and opened wide, as well as their windows just in case. For on that day, HE comes in rushing at high speeds in and out delivering gifts and presents to all, somehow knowing what their desires are and leaving a path of 'chaos' in his wake if anything gets in the way. Of course, those who do not abide or are unfamiliar with his antics often find themselves woken up in the middle of the night with a massive bewear-shaped hole in their house, and those who confront him often end up out cold with a bump on their heads or cast back to sleep by a yawn. It is said that if you are a good pokemon, you can receive gifts of money, artifacts, or even equipment to go on missions with the guild or to do as you please, but if you're bad? You get piles of dead leaves scattered all over, with hidden, wild pokemon hiding inside.

Sandy Paws the Bewear-A former inhabitant of the forest, Sandy has always been the outsider in her clan of bear pokemon, as he is a hugger with love to give. Of course, when it was time to leave, he went up north of Neve Town and set up a camouflaged base of operations in a cave, making connections with other pokemon who willingly devoted their time to making toys and equipment, as well as uncovering artifacts and the like. He's a jolly sort, but get on his bad side or attacking results in a hammer arm frenzy of his super-powerful arms. It is said he also loves tons of cookies and drops off fresh combee honey to residents as he passes from house to house moving at breakneck speed. He has a bunch of Plushle children as well who help build the toys, and his extra coat is made of Delibird fur, due to him defeating a gang of Toxicroak and earning the penguin's collective trust to work for him at his home, (and storing gifts inside their extra-dimensional pocket tails).  -Brutal Swing, Hammer Arm, Aerial Ace, Giga Impact

Ding Dong the Chingling- Basically, Ding casually works as Sandy's bodyguard to keep him safe from harm and to knock out folks who may have a elemental advantage over him. Her casual ring alerts towns to his presence, and she loves the high rush of adrenaline that comes with the job. Other times she serves as the alarm system if a intruder attempts to infiltrate the cave security system, and is usually resting by the sled. -Yawn, Uproar, Confide, Attract

Twist the Rotom- Serves as the head of the Naughty Night Corps, the ghosts (Banette, Shuppet, Litwick, Golett, etc) that work as the peacekeepers in the makeshift cavern shop, as well as keeps tabs on the nearby town inhabitants in order to find out what they want via list or in their dreams (via dream eater). A tad stir-crazy and a bit of a prankster, he hides in various machinery to jump out at unsuspecting pokemon to surprise them, and he knows how to create electrical toys and devices. Moving at high speeds, he delivers messages to Sandy regarding weather patterns and the like, and serves as a beacon to illuminate a path through heavy storms.- Flash, Volt Switch, Return, Thunderbolt

Chippy the Baltoy-Sandy's main expert on finding and salvaging artifacts that have merged with Pokémon moves, or patching up maintance issues around the base, sometimes helping the Delibirds with their gift projects to make the work go faster. He serves to keep all information retained for future generations of Bewear in Sandy's lineage, and he manages the indoor greenhouses that supply berries and seeds for the workers, as well as pokemon living in drought/famine-affected areas so no one goes home hungry.  Of course, he guides a staff of Claydol, Bronzor, and  Sigilyph to help in his job and uncover new things given like him, they don't age and live long lives. -Gyro Ball, Drill Run, Dig, Psychic

Rudy the Brown-Nose Stantler- Although not the flying type, this compliment-sharing suckup uses a ring around his ankle known as the Artifact (Extremespeed), which allows him to carry the massive form of Sandy and all his bags of gifts inside the makeshift sled as they go town to town, stopping at each area for Sandy to get off and distribute the goods. Of course, he has his own 9 member squad of hoofed four-legged pokemon (Gogoat, Sawbuck, Rapidash, etc) to help him take off some of the weight edge, but he is Sandy's favorite as he always tries to be on his good side. It is said his horns distort the reality around the sled to make time go faster for them so they can make all their trips in a single night.- Retaliate, Me first, Jump Kick, Zen Headbutt


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